Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day Zero minus one

Rhamphomyia marginata female
I retire tomorrow so, in preparation, have set up this blog to give me something to do in those long hours between nine to five that used to be filled so completely by work (note the irony, or if you once worked with me, STOP LAUGHING.).

The following items will largely be of a natural historical flavour, with many photographs to enliven the leaden prose. Today's little foray into the domain of Attenborough is to report on a new fly for Hampshire. I was out trapping moths, like you do, in the New Forest recently and a friend of mine presented me with a fly he had found on the sheet by his moth trap. A stunning little blighter (see above). Today I learned that it is a new record for Hampshire. Any Hampshire dipterists who wish to go searching for more, please get in touch "oldbilluk at" probably fastest.
It just goes to show that if it looks interesting it probably is and no matter what your plans are, always be willing to add new dimensions to them. I really hope they all appreciate me turning up for work on my very last day, especially when there is a Crested Lark at Dungeness this evening and a Collared Flycatcher still on Portland. Sometimes the gods can test you summat cruel.