Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Putting the House in order

August was a bit of a wash out weatherwise but it did allow us to concentrate on the mundane stuff like getting quotes for double glazing and a new boiler. We also sourced a new bed, the thinking being that now we are retired we need all the energy we can get from a good night's sleep to allow us to function at this hectic pace :-)

I managed to squeeze in a few moth and photography forays, highlight being Dusky Scalloped Oak in Dorset. Another real bonus was getting to see and photograph a White Prominent larva. I also started to use my 65mm MP E Macro lens a bit more. It will magnify to five times life size so anything that is too small for my aged eyes to make out is fair game. The problem lies in finding the subject matter in the first place!

I have recently had the good fortune to be pointed at several really interesting weevils (bet you never dreamed anyone would write that in a sentence)and have managed to take photographs of them that are satisfying. None of my Flickr photographs are in Explore yet but I get 150 hits a day on my photostream so someone must be enjoying them. www.flickr.com/photos/oldbilluk if you are interested.